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Publicerad: 2022-11-18

|Uppdaterad: 2024-04-24

Fackförbundet ST på Luleå tekniska universitet representerar ungefär 400 medlemmar. Vi står för.... behöver översättas till svenska. Det hade varit bra att ha mer info om nyttan att vara med i ett fack som får förhandla (ungefär som GU har gjort)

ST Union at LTU represents around 400 members. The union guards the interests of the employees and supports the members during conflict. The ability of the union to negotiate and provide better working conditions is rooted in the number of members that it represents. Therefore, we continuously work on spreading information about the work of the union and recruiting new members. If you are not a union member - we welcome you to join us, and if you are a member - we encourage you to step up and get involved in the union.

ST Union at LTU works continuously to provide forums for our members, where we can meet and learn from each other. Most of our activities are available both on site and through video.
We organise monthly short meetings for the members in form of Swedish fika, where information about the work of ST Union is shared and issues are raised and discussed.
Seminars, webinars, and other types of activities are organised periodically.

Fackförbundet ST

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