News from ST at GU April 2023

Publicerad: 2023-04-26

Nyhet The ST section at GU had its annual meeting and four new representatives were elected to the board. Several issues were also discussed at the annual meeting, i.a. summer working hours and the operational plan for 2023. It can also be noted that the local salary negotiations at GU are completed. Read more in our newsletter below!

Annual meeting 2023

The annual meeting for all members was held on March 22 at 11.30–13.00. The section offered a light lunch. After the election of the chairman and secretary of the meeting, the section board presented the annual report and financial statements for 2022 and the meeting decided to grant discharge from liability for the board. Subsequently, the proposal for an operational plan for 2023 was approved, with the addition that the section will increase the focus on a sustainable working life for members linked to an increased retirement age. Furthermore, the meeting approved the draft budget and salary policy program, which means that the section continues with the existing salary model where the union negotiates members' salaries. 

The meeting elected Peter Brandt as chairman of the board for a period of two years (re-election), Michael Sagerström as board member for a period of two years (new election) and Lisa Isaksson, Filip Radovic and Lars Malmsten as replacements for a period of one year (new election). Incumbent board members Madelen Hansson (1st Vice Chair), Anna Nilsson (2nd Vice Chair), Helena Rohdén, Solveig Persson and Monica Meller Eldh have one year left of the term of office. Retiring members and replacements were thanked with flowers.

Other issues that were raised by ST members and that the board will discuss during the year:

  • Requests for union-related social events – e.g. After Work and book club.
  • Requests for union-related education for members (not elected representatives) – e.g. why membership in unions is important.
  • Request to pursue the issue of abolishing summer working hours within the University of Gothenburg, as it cannot always be used due to high workload at the end and start of semesters, and that it largely falls during the summer holidays (and thus is not used). 

RALS negotiations completed

The RALS negotiations have just been completed and the new salary will be paid from May (including retroactively from October 1, 2022). The employer must notify you of the new salary and, if you wish, you are entitled to a follow-up conversation with the salary-setting manager regarding this. 

As a member of the Union of Civil Servants (Fackförbundet ST), it is union representatives who negotiate your salary every year. This means that the union submits a claim after careful review of the employer's offer, the salary situation within your unit, comparisons with other employees at GU with similar tasks and the information you provided in your salary survey to ST. Then negotiations take place with the employer. The careful process means that ST's members are sometimes notified of their new salary later than for example Saco members, but it does not affect salary setting or retroactivity. 

In May, ST within GU will send out a survey to all members to follow up this year's salary negotiations. We'd love to have your answer! 

... and soon time for a new RALS agreement

Read more about ST's negotiation for the new salary agreement, RALS (Swedish): Avtalsrörelsen 2023 för dig som medlem | Fackförbundet ST

Coffee with your union representative (Fika med facket)

If you want to discuss terms of employment, salary or work environment or maybe just find out what the union does – take the opportunity to visit Coffee with the union at ST's office at Karl Gustavsgatan 12B, floor 4. “Fika med facket” is open to both members and others, so feel free to invite a colleague or several. Here are upcoming scheduled occasions:

  • Wednesday 10 May 15.30-16.30
  • Wednesday 31 May 15.30-16.30

New Health and safety representatives 2023–25

On 1 January, a new term of office began for the Health and safety representatives (AMO and HAMO) at GU. If you have been elected AMO/HAMO, you must register yourself via the web form on the Staff Portal: Register AMO/HAMO – Staff Portal ( The University's handling of notified AMO/HAMO has suffered major delays due to sick leave and technical problems, but according to the Human Resources Unit, these should be resolved shortly. GU is now planning for a three-part education to be offered in May/June. Information will be sent from the Human Resources Unit.

All AMO and HAMO are welcome to participate in the network coordinated by the unions within the University. Contact us at If you have been elected as AMO or HAMO but have not been invited to the network!

You haven't forgotten to change your payment method, have you?

Since 1 December 2022, you can no longer pay the union fee to ST via salary deduction. If you have not changed to direct debit or e-invoice, you will therefore receive a paper invoice from the union instead. It is important that you pay this so that you do not risk involuntarily leaving the union. If you have any questions about your membership fee, you can contact ST Direkt on 0771–555 444 or

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