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Membership for PhD students

Publicerad: 2022-03-21

Fackförbundet ST is a union for everyone that works within universities and colleges. Our commitment and extensive experience allows us to offer you access to knowledge and support tailored to your work situation.

The benefits of a PHD membership

  • Access to our career services
  • Advice and quick answers at hand
  • Access to our negotiation experts

Our welcome package for PHD students

  • The lowest fee possible - you pay only 80 SEK per month for membership, which includes one of the best income protection insurances on the market. 
  • Special benefits and membership offers.
  • You can find ST’s elected representatives at university and college departments and faculties. 

Please note, as of January 1, 2024, the membership fee for Fackförbundet ST's Phd student members will be increased by SEK 20/month. The new fee is SEK 100/month and will apply for all of our Phd student members. An increase of this membership fee has not occurred in the last 12 years.

Income insurance

As a member of Fackförbundet ST you have income insurance through a contract between ST and Folksam.

This means that in the event of involuntary unemployment you may receive compensation to supplement your compensation from the unemployment benefit fund (a-kassan) and any other compensation that may be payable as a consequence of unemployment.