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Membership fee: the cost of being a member of ST

Publicerad: 2022-09-05

As a new working member of Fackförbundet ST (Swedish Union of Civil Servants), your first three months are free of charge. Following this period, the regular fee applies, which varies depending on your income.

Important facts

  • The new members offer only applies to new working members who have not been a member of ST during the past 18 months. 
  • In addition to the union fee, you may also need to pay district, section and/or local union fees. The size of these additional fees can vary as each local union organization establishes them at its annual meetings. These additional fees are used to finance, among other things, local member activities, member recruitment, and member support.
  • If you work at a workplace without a district organization, you will pay a standard additional fee of SEK 25 per month to the union. This fee covers the additional central support provided in the absence of a district organization.

    Monthly fees 2022

    Monthly income / Monthly fee (union fee)

    • Up to SEK 13,999: SEK 152 
    • SEK 14,000–15,999: SEK 168 
    • SEK 16,000–17,999: SEK 184 
    • SEK 18,000–19,999: SEK 200 
    • SEK 20,000–21,999: SEK 216 
    • SEK 22,000–23,999: SEK 232 
    • SEK 24,000–25,999: SEK 248 
    • SEK 26,000–27,999: SEK 264 
    • SEK 28,000 or more: SEK 280 

      Pay by direct debit or e-invoice

      You can pay your membership fee easily and securely by direct debit or e-invoice. Here we explain how members of ST can do so. 

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      How do I pay my membership fee?

      You can pay your membership fee via direct debit (autogiro), e-invoice or paying-in slip.

      What counts as income?

      Your membership fee is based on your gross monthly income before tax. Income means:

      • Salary from one or more employers, including fixed supplements.
      • Other taxable income, such as:
        – sickness pay and rehabilitation allowance
        – parental benefit
        – unemployment benefit
        – financial support from Trygghetsstiftelsen (Job Security Foundation)
        – severance pay or the like

      The following are not included in income

      • Disability allowance regardless of whether it is for all or some of your hours.
      • Variable supplements (such as those for working outside normal hours, unsocial hours, overtime and on call).

      Groups that are exempt from fees or pay a reduced fee

      • As a new working member, your first three months are free of charge. Following this period, the regular fee applies.
      • Student members pay no fees.
      • Student members who become working members pay SEK 100 for the entire first year of membership.
      • Working members who are on study leave and financing their studies themselves may be exempt from fees or else pay a reduced fee if they work more than 20% of their regular hours each month.
      • Members doing military service (basic training) are exempt from fees.
      • Members working abroad for employers outside ST’s scope pay the lowest union fee.
      • A member accompanying a spouse/partner working abroad pays the minimum union fee.
      • Doctoral students pay SEK 80 per month.
      • Retired members pay SEK 300 per year.

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